JAVOSkin Silicone Protection for your iPAQ

Picking a case for your iPAQ is a personal decision. Most likely you choose a case based on two reasons; the look that you want and the protection it will provide for your device. There is however a third reason, the function that it will serve and for me, I was looking for a case that would protect my iPAQ while I was driving and using my Earthmate Bluelogger GPS.

I have always liked leather cases and preferably the kind that flip sideways, have room for my license, a few credit cards and an extra SD memory card. Pretty much, I usually like a case to hold my iPAQ and serve as a wallet but this type of a case is unrealistic while using your GPS. It is just two hard to keep the flap open, look at the GPS and drive at the same time.

With my iPAQ sitting on the dashboard or the console next to me, there is always the possibility of it dropping on the floor if I take a sudden turn or hit a few bumps. I needed a case that would protect my investment, not add bulk and can easily be put on or removed when I need to use it or not. Well, JAVOedge has come to the rescue with their JAVOSkin case.

The JAVOSkin is a translucent, scratchproof, flexible silicone case that has a translucent whitish color to it. It is about 1/16 of an inch thick so it form-fits your iPAQ yet does not add bulk, thus keeping the thin look of your iPAQ. The design has been contoured to fit all edges to protect it from bumps or from getting any scratches.

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