Lian Li has released a compact A3-mATX case that supports bulky video cards.

Lian Li has introduced a compact Micro-ATX format computer case, the A3-mATX. Despite its small size, the product, developed in collaboration with DAN Cases, accommodates video cards up to 4.5 expansion slots thick.

Ventilation and Structure

For efficient fresh air intake, the top and side panels of the case are meshed. The top panel is easily detachable via two screws, and the side panels can be removed tool-free. On the lower wall, there’s a magnetic dust filter, and the front panel is plastic.

Compact design

Component Accommodation

The Lian Li A3-mATX supports the installation of a Micro-ATX motherboard, which can be mounted either on the left or right side due to its unique construction. There are four expansion slots and two spots for 2.5-inch drives. Depending on the configuration, it allows for the use of an SFX, SFX-L or ATX power supply unit up to 220 mm long, which can be positioned in one of five different settings. The case also allows the installation of a radiator with dimensions up to 360 mm on the top or left side and up to ten 120-mm fans in total.

Interior View


The internal volume of the Lian Li A3-mATX is just over 26 liters. It supports the installation of the most powerful gaming video cards up to 4.5 expansion slots thick and up to 415 mm long.

Video card installation

Additional Accessories

For the A3-mATX, the manufacturer is ready to offer several additional accessories. A tempered glass left side panel and a kit for vertical video card installation are available. These accessories, like the case itself, come in both black and white and are priced at $12.99 and $49.99 respectively.

Additional Accessories for A3-mATX

The A3-mATX, priced at $69.99 by Lian Li, became available for purchase from May 22.

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