M**a Ceases to Train AI on User Data, But Only from the EU

Meta Halts AI Systems’ User Data Use in EU and UK due to Regulatory Pressure

Meta has taken the decision to cease the usage of user data from the European Union and the United Kingdom for training artificial intelligence systems. This decision comes in the wake of pressure exerted by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) and the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The Role of DPC and ICO

As Meta’s primary regulator in the European Union, the DPC represents the data protection authorities of all EU countries. The ICO also requested Meta to halt data use until further clarity on the situation is achieved.

Meta’s Proposed Changes in Privacy Policy

Meta had previously begun to alert users to an impending change in their privacy policy, which would allow the corporation to utilize public content from Facebook and Instagram. This included training AI systems using comments, pictures, posts and other content.

NOYB’s Objections

However, this plan sparked outcry from NOYB, an organization dedicated to privacy protection. NOYB lodged 11 complaints in EU countries, asserting that Meta was in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The organization claimed that Meta was merely informing users of the impending changes, rather than seeking their consent.

Impact of GDPR

Meta referred to the “legitimate interests” provision of the GDPR to justify its actions. However, the opacity and complexity of the “opt-out” procedure for users will likely lead the regulators to delay the implementation of these plans.

Meta’s Official Announcement

Today, Meta officially confirmed the suspension of data use in the EU and the UK. A company representative expressed disappointment with the decision, deeming it a setback for AI development in Europe. They emphasized that Meta deems its approach lawful and more transparent in comparison with other technology companies.

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