Major Patch Released for Starfield Since Launch – No Stable 60 FPS on Xbox Series X

Latest Starfield Patch Released Across Platforms Following Beta Testing

The long-awaited patch for the space-based role-playing game, Starfield, has comeinto release across all target platforms after undergoing beta testing on Steam. The verdict of the patch was handled by the experts at Digital Foundry.

The most notable feature of version 1.11.36 is the possibility of setting the target frame rate (30, 40, 60 or without limitation) and prioritizing between image quality and performance on Xbox Series X.

Digital Foundry’s expert Oliver Mackenzie meticulously tested the options and concluded that achieving a steady 60 fps on Starfield on Xbox Series X is not achievable, even in performance mode.

In dynamic 4K (scaled from 900p using FSR 2), the game hits the target frame rate of 60 fps in enclosed locations and desolate planets, but “droops” to between 30-40 fps in busy cities like Akila-City and New Atlantis.

Mackenzie considered performance mode with a targeted 60 fps to be the best option when paired with a display that has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

 Image Source: Bethesda Softworks

May’s Starfield patch also features comprehensive surface maps of planets, gameplay modifiers, an extreme difficulty level, and the ability to customize one’s spaceship interior among other highlights.

Starfield was launched in September 2023 on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X, S, and available on Game Pass. Presently, the game’s first ground transport, official mods support, and a substantial add-on named Shattered Space, are in the pipeline.

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