Micron to Launch New DRAM 1γ Memory Manufacturing Facility in Japan by End of 2027

Micron Technology, the American semiconductor manufacturer, is increasing its production capacity in Japan where it has been operating since 2012. This enhancement indicates a broadening of the company’s manufacturing foundation in the country.

Micron Technology assimilated the Japanese firm Elpida Memory back in 2009, and since then the company has been manufacturing a portion of its products in the Land of the Rising Sun. Currently, Micron’s facilities are situated in Hiroshima, but by the end of 2027, an additional plant will be added. This new factory will have the capability to produce DRAM chips using the 1γ (Gamma) 10-nanometer class lithographic technique. An estimated $5.1 billion is expected to be allocated for the construction of the new premises.

According to Nikkei citing Japanese media sources, the Japanese authorities are prepared to offer Micron subsidies totalling approximately $1.3 billion for the new plant’s construction. The new facility will require ASML class EUV lithographic scanners, enabling the fabrication of chips using contemporary processes. Initially, Micron intended to establish the new facility by 2024, however, market conditions have imposed a necessity to defer the construction plans. Now, the erection of the new plant is scheduled to start in 2026, and it is projected to be operational by the end of 2027.

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