Microsoft and Qualcomm Contract Expires This Year – Windows to Operate on Any Arm Processors

ARM’s CEO, Rene Haas, has confirmed that Microsoft and Qualcomm’s exclusive agreement concerning ARM chip distribution for Windows computers will lapse in 2024. Once this exclusivity ends, other ARM computer producers can start incorporating chips from other vendors.

Exclusive Partnership With Qualcomm

In 2016, Microsoft appointed Qualcomm as its partner and the manufacturer of ARM processors for Windows devices. Since then, it has been the solitary company producing ARM-based processors for Windows gadgets. While this exclusive deal was not officially announced, it became evident over time. Qualcomm remained the only company producing ARM chips for laptops for the past eight years since its partnership with Microsoft.

Confirmation of Contract End

There was speculation concerning the contract’s duration between Microsoft and Qualcomm. Rene Haas is now the first official to confirm that the contract will expire this year. “It’s well-documented that the exclusivity Qualcomm has with Windows is ending, I think, this year,” stated Haas in a recent Stratechery interview.

Implications and Future Expectations

Though Haas didn’t outrightly declare the partnership’s termination this year, it’s likely he wouldn’t mention it without reliable information. Being ARM’s CEO, his statement is deemed credible. The exact expiry date of the Microsoft and Qualcomm agreement remains unknown, but it’s likely it will be non-effective by early 2025.

The loss of Qualcomm chip exclusivity means that other companies can manufacture ARM processors for Windows laptops. Previous reports from Reuters suggest that AMD and NVIDIA plan to produce ARM chips.

The loss of Qualcomm chip exclusivity implies other companies can manufacture ARM processors for Windows laptops. According to Reuters, AMD and NVIDIA are planning on producing ARM chips.

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