Microsoft Edge to start blocking screenshot creation on protected pages.

Microsoft Edge Rolls Out Crucial Updates to Enhance Corporate Security and User Convenience

Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s flagship browser, has proclaimed fresh updates aimed at elevating security and enhancing corporate usage. The key innovations include prohibiting screenshots of confidential information and mandating the installation of critical security patches.

Bolstering Security with Screenshot Prohibition

As reported by PCWorld, one of the main features will be inhibiting screen capture on web pages designated as confidential. This feature will empower IT administrators to avert the sharing of internal systems and business data screenshots with competitors and external parties. Technically, this restriction will be executed through integration with Microsoft 365 management systems, Microsoft Defender for cloud apps, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Purview.

Strengthening Defence with Auto-update Tools

The second landmark innovation involves broadening the browser’s auto-update facility to the latest version. This feature will scrutinize all outdated Edge installations in a corporate network and impose updates, mitigating Zero-Day attack risks, where a software defect escapes detection during testing. Plans cover diverse forced update options that range from browser restarts to special heightened security mode activation.

Better Accessibility with Sound Duplication

Lastly, Edge introduces an artificial intelligence-assisted feature that duplicates video sound with streaming translation, widening access to content for users with hearing difficulties.

Strategic Enhancements for the Edge

Overall, the declared updates aim to fortify the Edge’s corporate security while boosting its competitiveness on the business solutions front. These remarkable enhancements are slated for imminent rollout.

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