Microsoft Edge will soon introduce off-screen translation and real-time video dubbing features using AI

New Update Coming to the Microsoft Edge

Mircosoft recently announced that its Edge browser will soon possess the capacity to provide live video translations and voiceovers on platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Couresa, and many more. This has been made possible following the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that will allow the browser to translate audios to foreign languages. The announcement was made during Microsoft’s annual conference, Microsoft Build 2024, which commenced on 21st May in Seattle, USA.

Language Support

Currently, this feature supports translations of content from Spanish to English, and English to German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. This AI-based update is anticipated to additionally provide improved video content accessibility for hearing-impaired users or those suffering from hearing loss.

Real-Time Oral Content Translation

Mircosoft further declared that Edge will also provide real-time translations of oral content on news-related websites such as Reuters, CNBC, and Bloomberg. As a plan for the future, the tech giant aims to expand the list of websites supported by this feature and also broaden the Edge’s capacity to translate a greater variety of languages.

Artificial Intelligence Integration with Edge

This new feature is part of the expanding portfolio of AI-based functionalities that the Edge browser has acquired as a result of its integration with Copilot. At present, Edge has the capability to summarize YouTube video content, but it does not yet have the capacity to generate text summaries for each video as it depends on video transcription.

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