Microsoft introduces Windows Copilot Runtime platform for developing Windows applications with AI

Microsoft’s new concept, Copilot Plus PC, brings innovative artificial intelligence (AI) features to be integrated directly into Windows 11. The AI functions in Windows 11 are powered by more than 40 AI models, enabling developers access through a special runtime – Windows Copilot Runtime, as disclosed by Microsoft at their Build conference.

Windows Copilot Runtime provides an API library for developers to implement in their applications, along with toolchains and AI platforms for new models on Windows-powered devices. “The Windows Copilot library includes ready-to-use AI APIs such as Studio Effects, Live Captions Translations, OCR, Recall with User Activity, and Phi Silica, available to developers in June,” explained Pavan Davuluri, the Head of Windows and Surface Division.

Developers can incorporate the Windows Copilot library for application integration with Studio Effects capabilities, including filters and blurring. For instance, Meta has added these features to its WhatsApp client, introducing background blurring and eye contact in video calls. Developers can utilize translation functionality and Live Captions either without any code or with minimal code required.

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Microsoft had previously announced the Recall feature, enabling Copilot Plus computers to save all user actions for later search capabilities. Developers can also integrate their applications with this feature, thus allowing users to pick up where they left off. According to Microsoft, these AI-accelerated features, requiring Arm processors, AMD and Intel chips, are set to trigger an influx of AI applications over the next decade.

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