Microsoft: hackers stole part of the source code and continue attacks

Microsoft, the multinational technology corporation, has reported the theft of some source code fragments by a Russian-linked hacking group, Nobelium, which it has named the Midnight Blizzard. The company alleges that this group, which was also held responsible for the SolarWinds’ hack in 2020, has used the stolen information to make ongoing attempts to infiltrate its systems.

Continual Cyber Attacks

According to Microsoft, the series of cyber-attacks by Nobelium have not ceased since their detection. In a blog post, the company stated: “During recent weeks, we have seen evidence that Midnight Blizzard [Nobelium] is using information initially stolen from our corporate email systems to gain, or attempt to gain, unauthorized access. This includes access to some source code repositories and the company’s internal systems.” However, it also assured that there were no signs that their customer interaction systems were compromised.

Anticipated Threats

The tech giant warned that the Midnight Blizzard group is now employing various types of secrets it obtained to attempt to breach other software and potentially, its clients. Microsoft said: “Some of these secrets have been shared between clients and Microsoft via email. As we discover them in our stolen electronic correspondence, we reach out to these clients to help alleviate the consequences of the theft.”

Continuing Investigation

Microsoft noted it is actively investigating Midnight Blizzard’s activities and promised to share their findings with the public and its clients.

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