Microsoft to disable OneDrive’s URL-based file upload feature by end of month

OneDrive Phases Out Unpopular URL File Upload Feature

Microsoft continues to innovate its OneDrive cloud service, injecting it with functional enhancements such as the AI-assistant Copilot while simultaneously discarding deprecated and less demanded features. Among the less popular OneDrive tools is the ability to upload files from remote servers via URL, which Microsoft has decided to phase out.

The URL file upload feature is currently in the testing stage for OneDrive Personal users. But due to its lack of popularity and the high maintenance costs needed to keep it operational, the decision to terminate this feature has been made. Official support for URL file uploads to OneDrive will cease as of 29 March 2024. Microsoft notes that the feature may stop functioning at any time after this date, and no further announcements will be made on the matter.

This change primarily affects users who utilize the URL file upload feature for OneDrive. Files already uploaded to the cloud storage with this method will not be affected. Other users of Microsoft’s cloud storage will not notice any changes.

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