Microsoft’s New Technology Will Enable Transfer of Objects from Windows to M**a Quest VR Headset

In a move to expand virtual applications, Microsoft announced the launch of “Windows Volumetric Apps” at the annual Build conference. The new technology is set to transport interactive 3D applications and other objects from the Microsoft Windows ecosystem into the Meta Quest virtual reality headset.

Partnership with Meta

The partnership with Meta will enable Microsoft to integrate Windows 365 and local PCs with Quest headsets. This development will also allow third-party software developers to expand the capabilities of their applications in 3D space.

“We are deepening our partnership with Meta to make Windows a first-class environment for Quest devices,” stated Pavan Davuluri, Head of Windows and Surface division at Microsoft, during the event. “Windows now has new integration capabilities with Quest.”

Invitation to Developers

Developers can presently subscribe to the pre-release version of “3D API” to access necessary features. Microsoft’s registration page states its interest in developers who are “making or delivering plug-ins for desktop 3D Windows applications, or customers who work with 3D applications in desktop Windows apps and are interested in extending these apps to 3D content with mixed reality.”

Collaborations with Meta

In addition to this, Microsoft has also joined forces with Meta to develop a limited-edition Meta Quest VR headset inspired by Xbox. Moreover, in December of the last year, the tech giant introduced Office applications in Quest VR and Xbox Cloud Gaming in Quest VR.

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