Movies To Go!

Suzanne Ross wrote a nice piece on Movies To Go that is well worth looking at.

In part, Suzanne said:

Quote Some people think that watching a movie on a phone can’t be good. My husband thought so. He kept saying that, even as he nudged me out of the way to watch the old movie ‘My Man Godfrey’ on my Windows Mobile Smartphone. I was watching it in the kitchen while I cooked dinner. It’s amazing how fast you get used to a small screen. We were only a few feet away from the TV, yet we were both watching the phone. People used to read stories in installments, eagerly anticipating next month’s copy of the Pickwick Papers. I could watch a movie on my phone in installments. Instead of waiting a month for the next chapter, I’d have the entire movie with me, to watch as I waited in the doctor’s office, got stuck in traffic on the bridge across Lake Washington (as a passenger!) or when I had to pass a few minutes between meetings.

Though it’s possible to copy DVDs to various devices, it’s not always legal to do so. I’ve stuck with writing about the legal ways of getting movies onto your device.

You can read Suzanne’s article HERE here on the Windows Mobile Site.

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