MSI adds support for 256 GB of RAM to certain Intel Z790 chipset motherboards

MSI has recently released beta versions of BIOS for some motherboards on the Intel Z790 chipset. The software update extends the memory capacity available, enabling the installation of up to 256 gigabytes of RAM for specific models. Notably, the high-end Z690 Godlike and the MEG Z90 ACE model are among those equipped with these firmware updates.

According to various sources, MSI plans to broaden its range of Intel 700-series boards to support 256GB of RAM. It also aims to produce BIOS with similar features for Intel 600-series boards. As insider @chi11eddog reported, MSI is currently testing 256GB RAM supporting on Z790 Carbon MAX WIFI. The source shared an image depicting a system based on Intel Core i9-14900K with a DDR5-4800 memory kit of this capacity installed.

 Image source: X / @chi11eddog

ExtremeTech reports that earlier, motherboard manufacturers were reluctant to support such high volume memory in consumer board models due to compatibility issues. These issues required the disabling of certain functions, like Resizeable Bar and Remapping. However, MSI appears to have tackled this problem successfully and other leading manufacturers are expected to follow suit.

 Image source: MSI

The support for 256GB RAM by motherboards will simplify the RAM kit selection process, with 128GB requiring just two slots instead of four. This large volume of RAM will prove beneficial in activities including digital content creation and rendering, and AI-based applications will also utilise this significant memory store.

Several manufacturers are already developing 64GB RAM modules, which will be assembled into kits totalling 256GB. However, the cost of such kits remains a matter of speculation. For reference, the current price of a 192GB RAM kit, consisting of four 48GB modules, reaches $700, as noted by ExtremeTech.

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