MSI Unveils Motherboards MAG X870 Tomahawk WIFI and PRO X870-P WIFI for Ryzen 9000

MSI has launched two new motherboards at Computex 2024, the MAG X870 Tomahawk WIFI and PRO X870-P WIFI. Both motherboards are equipped with the latest AMD X870 chipset and support Ryzen 9000, Ryzen 8000, and Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

So far, MSI has not delved into the intricate technical details of these motherboards. However, MSI has confirmed that the MAG X870 Tomahawk WIFI comes with new mechanisms known as EZ PCIe Release and EZ PCIe Clip II. These are designed to simplify the installation and dismantling of graphics cards and NVMe Solid State Drives (SSDs). The EZ PCIe Release mechanism allows users to remove a heavily-loaded graphics card installed in the PCIe 5.0 x16 slot with just the press of a button.

EZ PCIe Release mechanism in action

On the other hand, the EZ PCIe Clip II provides a screw-less SSD fixture mechanism. All one needs to do when installing an SSD is to align the drive with a specific pin on the motherboard and press it down. When it comes to removing the SSD, the process is as simple as slightly pulling the pin towards oneself and moving it slightly to the left.

EZ PCIe Clip II mechanism for SSD removal

MSI also note that all motherboards powered by the X870 chipset support the PCIe 5.0 interface for graphics cards and NVMe drives, alongside USB4 support (40 Gbit/s).

USB4 support on new MSI motherboards

PCIe 5.0 interface in action

Furthermore, the MAG X870 Tomahawk WIFI and PRO X870-P WIFI motherboards are equipped with 5 gigabit network adapters, WiFi 7 support (with easy antenna installation), and Bluetooth 5.4.

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