MSI unveils Z790 Project Zero Motherboard with Rear Sockets and a Couple Enclosures for such Boards

MSI has unveiled new computer components as part of their Project Zero series, focusing on desktop computers with concealed cable management. The manufacturer showcased the latest motherboard under this concept, along with suitable casings.

New Motherboard

The company’s product line already comprises B650M Project Zero motherboards for AMD Ryzen and B760M Project Zero for Intel Alder Lake, Raptor Lake, and Raptor Lake Refresh, introduced last year. At CES 2024, the manufacturer revealed the new Z790 Project Zero motherboard. Unlike the previous two, it uses the superior Intel Z790 chipset and comes in a full-size ATX form factor. Its features include a 14+1 phase VRM power subsystem, PCIe 5.0 support for graphics cards, plus four M.2 sockets for NVMe drives.

Z790 Project Zero motherboard

Required Computer Cases

To use these motherboards, compatible computer cases are needed, with provision for sockets moved from the board’s front to backside.

MAG Pano M100 PZ Case

New Computer Cases

MSI introduced two computer cases — the MAG Pano M100 PZ and MEG Maestro 700L PZ. The former is in a Micro-ATX format and offers a 270-degree view of the components inside through its frontal and side tempered glass panels. It also features a uniquely shaped and angled top cover.

MEG Maestro 700L PZ Case

The MEG Maestro 700L PZ case comes in a full-sized ATX format. Its dimensions comfortably allow for motherboards up to E-ATX format. Like the M100PZ, the new case also offers a panoramic view of the components inside, with its entire side and front panels made from a single piece of curved glass. The spacious case supports up to two 360mm AIO radiators.

Regrettably, MSI has not disclosed when these components will be available for purchase or their pricing details.

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