New AI introduced capable of completely replacing a software engineer — it can execute entire projects and self-learn.

US tech start-up Cognition has unveiled an innovative product known as ‘Devin’, an advanced AI system capable of independently conducting end-to-end software development. Devin is not just an AI-assisted programming tool, but can perform tasks on par with a professional software engineer.

Trained to reason just like a human, Devin independently plans and executes software projects, making thousands of decisions along the way. The AI learns from its mistakes, understands the context, and can adapt accordingly. Cognition has equipped Devin with the requisite tools for a seamless integration into existing workflows. Key features of the AI include:

  • Adaptation to new technologies – Devin can quickly learn to use unfamiliar tools by just reading their documentation.
  • Full-stack application development – The AI can design and deploy fully functional web applications whilst adding new features based on user feedback.
  • Autonomous error detection – Devin can identify, fix, and debug issues in code, making it a valuable team member.
  • AI education – The neural network can configure and fit large language models using instructions from research repositories.

Journalists from Bloomberg tested the new AI and expressed satisfaction with its capabilities, noting that Devin outperforms previous AI aids for programmers. For example, the software was able to create a complete restaurant catalog website for Sydney based on a simple text request.

The introduction of such a tool could help lighten the workload of software engineers, handling more routine tasks while leaving humans to tackle creative or complex problem-solving. However, the emergence of this platform also raises questions about the future of humans in the profession and the co-existence of man and AI in software development. Currently, AI is utilized to automate a variety of tasks, yet the innovative aspects in development and control still largely remain in human hands. Devin is indeed a powerful tool, but it is unlikely to completely eliminate the need for human specialists.

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