Nextlink to Spider Eyewear has an exlusive on a new pair of sunglasses that will hopefully hit the market by June. These should be interesting with your iPAQ. I have been using their Bluespoon wireless earphone for my cell and it is great! Here is an excerpt of Phonemag’s review.

Jon and Lars demonstrated the Spider Platform during my interview with them at CES 2005 in Las Vegas. They asked that I not publish the information – until they gave the green light. I recently got permission to run this story. So here it is. is soon to announce a new Bluetooth product. The new product is an advanced headset since it gives the user possibility of using in different applications. The product doesn’t have an official name yet, so for the sake of this article, let’s call it “Bluespoon Spider” or “Spider” for short.

The Spider is a combination of a Bluetooth stereo headset and a typical Bluetooth cellular phone headset. This gives the user possibility of connecting to a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone and/or MP3 player or any Bluetooth® stereo streaming device.

Read the entire review here

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