Noctua Expands Beyond PCs: Introduces Fans and Home Accessories for Home and Office Use

Noctua, the renowned tech company, has announced the exciting debut of its new product line, Home. These innovative products, consisting of two fans and nine modular accessories, are specifically designed to cool home and office devices, and can even be utilized for constructing a unique desktop fan. With this launch, Noctua aims to provide effective solutions for the standard cooling troubles encountered with various in-home and office equipments.

Roland Mossig, the CEO of Noctua, acknowledged that the company’s technologies were originally intended to cool PCs. However, the superior performance, noiselessness and reliability of Noctua’s fans have now garnered demand in diverse sectors. Their industrial clients and tech-savvy consumers have been using these fans to cool not only their computers but for other purposes too. Hence, the launch of this exclusive line for domestic and office requirements acts as a natural progression in expanding the application fields of the company’s technologies.

The introductory Home range from Noctua presents consumers with two assembled fans ready for use along with nine modular accessories. Each of these accessories enables the application of Noctua’s fans for typical household, office, or multi-purpose ventilation tasks.

Noctua's new product line and accessories

Take the NV-FM1 for instance – it is a universal mount for 120 and 140 mm fans that can function not just as a simple stand on tables or other flat surfaces, but can also be attached to walls, ceilings, furniture, and more. For purposes needing a powerful and focused airflow, the NV-FM1 can be used together with a special amplifier, NV-AA1-12.

The above-mentioned products are included in NV-FS1 kit, along with the award-winning NF-A12x25 fan, a fan controller NA-FC1, a power supply unit NV-PS1 that can power a 12-V fan from a 230/115 V AC network, a fan safety grid, and an extension cord. Simply put, NV-FS1 constitutes a robust, noiseless, premium fan which can be installed nearly anywhere with the aid of screws, zip fasteners, or built-in magnets.

The universal pads NV-MPG1 can assist with cooling audio and video equipment since they allow the installation of the fan on top of the device (particularly the ones having ventilation holes on top). The NV-MPP1 pads can be fixed at the bottom, making them suitable for those equipments with bottom ventilation holes. The multipurpose NV-FS2 kit includes NV-MPG1 pads, NF-A12x25 fan, NA-FC1 controller, NV-PS1 power supply, NA-FC1 fan controller, fan safety grid, and extension cord, cumulatively creating a cooling system for a variety of devices, including gaming consoles and multimedia systems.

Lastly, Noctua’s NV-FH2 hub is essentially an improved version of its popular NA-FH1 model. Designed for controlling and connecting up to eight fans, the hub features a 12-V cylinder power connector and a detachable lid, and operates noiselessly and efficiently.

These new Home range accessories, combined with Noctua’s existing fan range of 40 to 200 mm diameter, provide clients with a flexible toolkit to tackle typical cooling challenges at home or work.

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