Novatel Wireless Awarded Patent For Multi-Mode Wireless Roaming

Novatel Wireless, Inc., a leading provider of wireless broadband access solutions, announced it has secured its twenty-fifth patent, which supports intelligent inter-system roaming on multiple wireless networks, including W-WAN, W-LAN and W-PAN.

Previously, Novatel Wireless announced that it had filed for several patent protections in connection with the Ovation(TM) 3G Multimedia Application Console portfolio and Conversa(TM) software suite. The issuance of this patent reflects one of the unique elements conceived in that product portfolio. Novatel Wireless’ development efforts on Ovation and Conversa have been underway in collaboration with operator customers, and the company expects the Ovation product family to significantly expand its addressable market and diversify its product portfolio upon commercial deployment, which is currently expected in mid-2005.

Novatel Wireless’ latest patent encompasses a method for enabling wireless devices to efficiently discover the most ideal wireless connection possible, facilitating seamless roaming between Wi-Fi connections and other wireless broadband networks, such as 2.5G or 3G. This ultimately provides subscribers with the most cost effective connection and the best quality of service in any given geographic area. For example, if a laptop modem discovers Wi-Fi connectivity, the computer can automatically switch from W-WAN to the higher speed W-LAN or W-PAN alternative.

Currently, W-WAN/W-LAN multi-mode roaming devices are constantly scanning to find a higher-speed connection, an inefficient process which drains battery power. The new Novatel Wireless patent uses an innovative technique to conserve battery resources of any device by performing a conditional scan, rather than a continuous background scan.

The intelligent inter-system handoff patent also unveils smart technology that tracks the regular usage patterns of the subscriber by memorizing periodic modem usage activities and geographic locations. In a small office / home office setting, Ovation 3G Multimedia Application Console, integrated with the new technology, will allow peripheral devices to efficiently connect to the preferred network while minimizing device battery consumption by intelligently scanning for the optimal network.

“Novatel Wireless has always encouraged innovative thinking and placed a great deal of effort into wireless research and development activities,” said Peter Leparulo, chief executive officer of Novatel Wireless. “We are honored to have received our twenty-fifth patent, fueling industry-wide advancement.”

The intelligent inter-system handoff patent was developed by Novatel Wireless’ chief technology officer, Dr. Slim Souissi, who recently was appointed an Edwin Armstrong Fellow of Novatel Research Labs. Novatel Research Labs is an unincorporated research arm and honorarium of Novatel Wireless which promotes inventions at Novatel Wireless and in the telecommunications industry, administers Novatel Wireless’ intellectual property rights, and sponsors technical publications and white papers. Novatel Research Labs is authorized to award fellowships in connection with Novatel Wireless’ intellectual property program, and on December 10, 2004, Dr. Souissi was the first to be awarded an Edwin Armstrong Fellowship of Novatel Research Labs.

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