Now you can hum to find a song on YouTube Music for Android

YouTube Music has unveiled a feature in its Android application that allows users to “play, sing, or hum a song” to search for a particular music track. This update was introduced in version 7.02.51.

New Feature Icon

An icon resembling a wave signals the new feature. To find this icon, you simply tap the magnifying glass symbol in the top right corner next to the microphone image.

New Feature Icon in YouTube Music app

How it Works

Users are prompted to “Play, sing, or hum a song” on the search page of YouTube Music after clicking on the icon. This technology aims to help users find a tune they recall but cannot name. However, it may not have a 100% accuracy rate, yet it still provides a beneficial search option that was previously unavailable.

New search feature in YouTube Music app
Screenshot of the search feature in YouTube Music app

Feature’s History

The Hum to Search feature, which allows for voice-enabled song searches, was introduced in Google’s search engine in 2020. According to, it was built on the Now Playing functionality available on Pixel devices and was incorporated into the YouTube app in October last year. In this case, artificial intelligence is utilized to match the sound with the original recording.

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