NVIDIA CEO warns that AI will render programmers jobless, suggests studying agriculture

NVIDIA’s Founder Predicts AI Will Replace Coders

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, made bold declarations about the future of tech at the World Government Summit in Dubai. He forecasted that programming languages will become redundant as artificial intelligence (AI) will soon take over coding.

AI will dominate, lessen importance of learning programming

Huang, as reported, deems teaching children coding skills as unimportant in the future. He believes that creating software will require nothing more than a well-articulated technical brief, with AI doing most of the programming work. This counters a viewpoint that has dominated IT for the past 10 or 15 years, which pushes for teaching coding skills from an early age. “In reality, it’s almost the exact opposite,” says Huang.

“Our job is to create technology that eliminates the need to code, and the programming language will essentially become human. Everyone in this world can consider themselves a programmer, and that’s the magic of artificial intelligence,” asserted Huang. He advises youngsters to invest their time in acquiring more valuable skills in biotech, education, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Industry Expert Disagrees

However, Patrick Moorhead, a tech industry expert, disagrees with Huang. He points out that during the last 30 years, tech designed to ease the work of programmers has often been seen as a potential replacement. Still, in reality, the demand for software developers continues to grow. In fact, after ChatGPT’s launch, job opportunities in coding have increased by 6%.

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