NVIDIA to Certify Top Specialists in Generative AI

NVIDIA to Launch Professional Certification Program for Generative AI Specialists

Tech giant NVIDIA is intending to establish a professional certification program for Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). The initiation of this novel program is projected to enable developers to validate their competencies and solidify their professional standing.

Addressing the Demand for Skilled AI Developers

As stated in their official announcement, NVIDIA highlighted a critical shortage in the industry of professional generative AI developers. Furthermore, they stressed the importance of enhancing these professionals’ skill sets. As such, this new certification program is being initiated to help developers substantiate their proficiency in this specialized field.

The Significance of Generative AI

NVIDIA’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jensen Huang, underscores the importance of AI, “Generative artificial intelligence has become a critical area that governments, organizations, and entire industries around the world strive to utilize,” he stated.

Upcoming Launch of the Certification Program

The certification program will be launched at NVIDIA’s upcoming developers conference, aptly titled “GTC,” which will focus on AI. The conference attendees will have access to recommended preparatory materials ahead of the examination. Scheduled to happen in San Jose, United States, the conference will commence on March 18, 2024, and conclude on March 21.

Investing in the Future of AI

Greg Estes, NVIDIA’s Vice President for Developer Programs, highlighted the importance of understanding the world-changing technology. “Organizations across all sectors need to develop an understanding of this world-changing technology. Our aim is to help in upgrading the skill sets of professionals, refine their skills, and provide individuals with the opportunity to showcase their expertise and achieve a competitive advantage in the job market,” he commented.

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