Nvidia’s Stocks Surge by 10% in Trading Following Quarterly Report

Nvidia’s successful quarterly report has driven its stock price up nearly 8% after trading closed in the US. As a new trading session began, the surge exceeded this level, with the first few minutes recording a consistent increase of over 9%, and shares fluctuating at $1037 each.

This progress naturally marks another historic high for the company’s shares. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang managed to ease one of investors’ main concerns at the company’s earnings call. This concern was aggravated by recent actions from Amazon. Huang opines that due to pent-up demand, Hopper generation accelerators will stay in demand for a while, and the supply of these and the Blackwell generation successors will not meet it until at least some undefined period next year.

Yesterday’s option bets on Nvidia’s stock price rising by more than 8% have paid off, thereby raising the company’s capitalization by $200 billion. As representatives from FactSet explained before Thursday’s trading session opened, with a capitalization value over $2.5 trillion, Nvidia now equates in value to all German issuers combined. Nvidia’s partners and competitors also saw their stock prices rise before trading opened in the US, with companies like TSMC, AMD, Arm, and Broadcom increasing by several percentages, while Super Micro Computer surged 6.36%. By the end of the first 30 minutes of Thursday’s trading session, the growth of Nvidia’s quotes fluctuated between 8 and 9%, cooling the initial enthusiasm slightly but maintaining a positive trend relative to yesterday’s closing price.

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