Official Microsoft Copilot chatbot now available on Telegram

Microsoft Introduces Copilot Chatbot Beta on Telegram

Microsoft has launched its AI-driven chatbot Copilot’s beta version on the popular messaging platform, Telegram. The chatbot is capable of carrying out various tasks and responding to user queries directly within the messaging app.

Using Microsoft Copilot

To use the chatbot, users need to log into Telegram and launch Copilot via the official link. After a welcoming message, users are invited to register. This procedure, which involves phone number verification, may not appeal to all. Upon authentication, users are notified of a free usage limit of 30 queries. This means users can ask the bot no more than 30 questions over a 24-hour period, beyond which access will be suspended until the start of the next period.

 Source image: Telegram and Microsoft Copilot

 Source image: Microsoft Copilot interface

Copilot’s Capabilities

The chatbot’s features on Telegram are impressive. For instance, Copilot can provide movie or TV show recommendations based on the latest cinema releases and film critic reviews. According to an article on Trashbox, the bot provided a list of four movies about dinosaurs, complete with brief plot descriptions while avoiding spoilers. There were also links to the information sources the AI utilized.

However, when asked more specific questions, Copilot gave somewhat vague responses. For instance, when asked to recommend an optimal video card for playing Dota 2 in 4K resolution, the bot suggested several models ideal for comfortable 4K gaming, but these were excess for this particular game’s requirements.

Yet, the chatbot demonstrated excellent capabilities when dealing with program code. It was presented with a code fragment with an error, and not only did it identify the problem, it also suggested a correction method. Hence, in the programming sphere, Copilot’s recommendations seem very useful.

Copilot in Messenger

The integration of the Copilot chatbot into a popular messaging platform is definitely an enticing move, despite its limited query limit and the somewhat generalized responses to some questions. The ability to get AI recommendations directly in Telegram is promising and could provide solutions for many everyday tasks. The chatbot is available from today, May 25. More in-depth information can be found on the Microsoft website.

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