Paradox Postpones Life by You, a life simulator game from The Sims veteran team, but players seem pleased with the decision.

The Life by You videogame will be delayed once again

The ambitious life simulator game named Life by You, directed by former The Sims curator Rod Humble, has its early access release postponed for the third time.

Originally, Life by You was supposed to launch on 12th September, 2023. The date got moved to the 5th of March and, until most recently, the premiere was expected to be on the 4th of June.

Mattias Lilja, vice president of Paradox Interactive, declared on the company’s forum that the early access release of Life by You will not start on 4th June. This time, the game’s release date has been rescheduled indefinitely.

“We would prefer to provide new release dates, but consider it wiser to wait for a complete plan formation, rather than making a promise we can’t fulfill,” stated Lilja.

Shelved Video Game

Lilja did not provide any specific reason for the successive delays to Life by You. He indicated that the decision was hard for Paradox, and merely stated that the Paradox Tectonic team needs additional developmental time.

Players expressed relief on the ResetEra forum at the news of the delay, recalling the rushed release of Paradox’s other simulator, Cities: Skylines II, and its first paid expansion.

Developed for the Steam and Epic Games Store platforms, Life by You promises abundant opportunities, an open world without load screens, dialogue in realistic language, and third-person character control options. They also aim to offer unparalleled freedom of self-expression.

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