Primal Planet, a prehistoric metroidvania, will transport players into the world of dinosaurs and aliens – first trailer and details revealed.

Finnish solo developer, Albert van Zyl, also known as Seethingswarm, premiered the trailer of his prehistoric metroidvania game, Primal Planet, during IGN’s Fan Fest 2024. Official Announcement.

Primal Planet is set on a planet teeming with living dinosaurs, where players assume the role of a caveman tasked with defending his family from prehistoric predators, hostile tribes, and aliens.

“Experience a Tyrannosaurus attack and unravel a narrative that intertwines the wild with intriguing elements of science fiction. Make unexpected alliances and discover the secrets of the aliens”, reads the game description.

In Primal Planet, players will progress from a humble caveman to the planet’s last hope. Survival will require crafting tools and weapons, skill enhancement, and the use of stealth and traps.

The game’s combat system will challenge players to adapt their tactics for various enemy types including regular foes, bosses, ancient creatures, and aliens. Each battle tests not just combat skills, but strategic thinking as well.

Primal Planet Screenshots

Primal Planet Image 1

Primal Planet Image 2

Primal Planet Image 3

Primal Planet Image 4

Primal Planet Image 5

Primal Planet Image 7

Primal Planet Image 8

Primal Planet Image 9

Primal Planet promises a heart-wrenching story, a wide range of locations (including forests, valleys, mountains, and ocean depths), an array of dinosaurs, secrets, challenges, and a local two-player cooperative mode featuring the main hero and his pet Sinosauropteryx.

Primal Planet’s PC-exclusive release is anticipated for 2025 via the Steam platform. Currently, the game page on the Valve service offers support for 12 languages.

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