Putin Prohibits Use Of Cybersecurity Services From Unfriendly Countries From 2025-Onwards

Putin Endorses Cybersecurity Measures Against Hostile Nations

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved amendments to the decree “On additional measures to ensure the information security of the Russian Federation” issued on May 1, 2022. These amendments expand the list of restrictions on the use of technologies from hostile nations.

Scope of Restrictions

According to the document published on the official legal documents portal, in addition to the existing ban from 2025 on government agencies, state corporations, and the subjects of critical information infrastructure (CII) from using information protection systems (IPS) from hostile nations and their companies, they are now also prohibited from using services related to providing information security offered by organizations from such nations.

New Requirements and Procedural Modifications

The amendments, which came into effect on June 13, also propose outlining certain requirements for the state centers for detection, prevention, and alleviation of the consequences of cyber attacks on Russia’s information resources (GosSOPKA), and codify the process of their accreditation and suspension.

Expected Impact

Andrey Medunov, the head of the GR project group of the GK “Solar” (a structure of “Rostelecom”), told TASS that these changes would help regulate the accreditation procedure for GosSOPKA centers and provide effective control over their activities. He contends that all the amendments are timely and logical, contributing towards improving Russia’s cyber resilience and technological independence in the cybersecurity industry.

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