Report from PCCooler’s booth at Computex 2024: Coolers, Water Cooling Systems, and Power Units

PCCooler, the hardware company exhibited its latest products at the 2024 Computex event in Taiwan. Showcasing a variety of technological marvels, the company revealed its fresh line-up, ranging from air and liquid cooling components to computer cases and power supply units.

PCCooler’s Flagship Cooling Solutions

Highlighting the latest developments, PCCooler unveiled its flagship liquid cooling system, DS360. Equipped with a powerful dual-chamber pump, it features a uniquely designed casing. One part of the cover is transparent and backlit, while the other features a digital display showcasing real-time CPU temperature.

The maintenance-free PCCooler DS360 is fitted with a 360mm aluminium radiator that is linked to the water block through hefty 400mm pipes providing leak protection. A trio of 120mm hydrodynamic bearing fans with a rotation speed up to 2200 rpm and an airflow of up to 86.73 cubic feet per minute (CFM), are responsible for cooling the radiator. This innovative system features a maximum processor TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 310 Watts.

Air cooling enthusiasts were welcomed by the flagship cooler RZ820, a classic two-tower design with eight thermal pipes (6mm and 8mm), a copper base and a pair of high static pressure fans. The system is capable of cooling CPUs with a TDP of up to 289 Watts.

Additional Offerings from PCCooler

Extending its line up, PCCooler introduced the twin-tower cooler RZ620 boasting high performance, and the compact cooler RT400 with a single tower and a 120mm fan for less demanding processors. For those preferring something larger, the company unveiled K4, a cooling solution with a bigger 130mm fan.

PCCooler also caters to the compact computer market with low-profile coolers RC400 and RC600 with top-mounted fans. The former, standing just 53.5mm high, features a 92mm fan and can cope with CPUs with a TDP of up to 125 Watts. The latter, RC600, stands at 67.5mm with a 120mm fan and boasts a maximum TDP of 180 Watts.

PC Cases and Power Supplies

PCCooler didn’t shy away from demonstrating a selection of PC cases and power supply units. The I100 Pro Mesh case was noticeable with its tote bag-like design, weighing only 2.7 kg and holding a volume of just 7.5 litres.

The larger, albeit compact, PCCooler C3 T500 case caused quite a stir. Its transparent side and front walls provide an excellent internal view. This roomy case supports ATX motherboards, graphic cards up to 400mm long, CPU coolers up to 175mm high, and full-sized ATX power supplies.

They also showcased classic tower cases C3 D310 and C3 B510, characterized by their mesh front panels that enhance ventilation.

Numerous power supply units, ranging for general to high-powered gaming and workstations, were also displayed. These included the KF and YK series for mainstream segments, supporting capacities from 450 to 1000 Watts. The YN and YS series cater to high-power gaming and workstation systems, ranging from 750 to 1200 Watts, supporting modular cable connectivity and adhering to ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards.

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