“Rostec Introduces the Smallest Elbrus Computer – the Size of Two Raspberry Pis”

Engineers at the I.V. Kurchatov Institute of Nuclear Energy (part of “Ruselectronics”) have designed a single board computer built on the “Elbrus-2С3” processor. The MP21, a caseless design, is twice the size of the popular single-board Raspberry Pi platform. However, it is still the smallest computer featuring an “Elbrus” processor, placing it as a potential asset across various application areas. The Russian development promises a high level of localization and import substitution.

The MP21 board measures 95 × 95 mm. The “Elbrus-2С3” processor’s integrated video core renders this platform suitable for creating secure information display systems, such as those used in aviation. The dual-core processor boasts a clock speed of at least 1600 MHz and a RAM of 8 GB, making it as productive as those used in full-fledged computing systems.

To dissipate heat from the processor and board components, a heat distributing plate has been installed. The MP21 module weighs about 100 grams without the plate and does not consume more than 40 W of power. It operates at a temperature range of -40 to +55 °C, making it highly suitable for onboard computers in aviation tech. Moreover, the original Russian processor architecture allows its use in facilities with heightened information security demands.

“MP21 is a completely Russian development, capable of replacing foreign analogs. The module passed all testing rounds and is ready for mass production. Currently, it is the smallest solution based on the ‘Elbrus-2С3’ processor. Its physical characteristics significantly increase the variety of its applications,” explained Ignat Bychkov, Deputy Director-General of I.V. Kurchatov Institute of Nuclear Energy.

The MP21 module’s construction allows the integration of solid-state drives ranging from 60 to 480 GB, which is possibly produced in Russia. The processors, however, have a more difficult production journey, as they were and probably will continue to be manufactured in Taiwan.

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