RuStore, Russia’s App Store, Celebrates its Second Anniversary

As it celebrates its two-year anniversary, the Russian app store, RuStore, has released some impressive stats. The platform, which was initially launched as a beta in 2022 with only 250 apps in its catalog, now boasts more than 40,000 apps and games. On top of this, it has recorded over 140 million app downloads since inception.

RuStore’s development team has highlighted eight significant milestones and updates:

Automatic app updates

The store now automatically updates apps, allowing new versions of services and games to be installed on smartphones via Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

Updating applications graphic

International developer access

The store has opened access to foreign developers, who have uploaded over 10,000 apps.

International developer access image

Child mode support

The platform now offers child mode support, ensuring children only download age-appropriate apps.

Child mode support image

Big screen support

They have launched RuStore for Android TV, allowing users to download online cinemas, apps, and games for television.

Interface themes

The store now offers a variety of interface themes that can be set in the settings, including system, dark, pink, and dark pink.

Interface themes image

Mini-apps section

A ‘Mini’ section of mini-apps and VK Mini Apps games, which can be used without installation, has been added.

Banners for events

The platform now includes event banners to keep users informed about important updates, seasonal in-game events, sales, and other offers.

‘All Apps’ List

RuStore has also added a list of installed applications. The ‘All Apps’ tab allows users to find all services and games installed on any device via RuStore.

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