Samsung Denies Rumors That Its HBM3E Memory Was Rejected by Nvidia

Samsung’s high-bandwidth memory modules (HBM3 and HBM3E) have reportedly failed Nvidia’s quality tests, according to a Reuters report last week. However, Samsung Electronics has tried to refute these allegations.

Based on a Business Korea publication, Samsung provided ambiguous statements about the incident. “We’re currently working closely with several companies and continuously testing technology and product performance. We conduct various tests to comprehensively affirm the quality and performance of HBM,” relayed Samsung Electronics representatives.

The statement, while ambiguous, underscores Samsung’s commitment to improving the quality and reliability of all their products to supply customers with the best solutions. However, given that neither HBM3E, HBM3, nor Nvidia were explicitly mentioned, it is challenging to comprehend Samsung’s true stance on these memory types’ certification needs for their American client.

Last month, Samsung initiated mass production of its 8-stack HBM3E, with plans to start manufacturing 12-stack HBM3E by the end of this quarter. “We are making efforts in ensuring the quality and enhancing the reliability of all our products,” reiterated Samsung Electronics representatives.

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