Samsung Plans to Launch Automated Chip-Making Factories in Six Years

Notably, Tesla and Amazon are leading the automation trend among American companies, striving to reduce costs through the implementation of robotics. However, Asian giants like Samsung Electronics are not far behind. By 2028, Samsung plans to launch factories that can function without human staff.

As detailed by DigiTimes and Korean edition ETNews, these factories will focus on the production of semiconductor components. Samsung’s strategic plan involves building a manufacturing ecosystem that leverages artificial intelligence for product quality control and process management. By 2028, it is expected that Samsung will introduce the first, fully-automated chip production sites – absent of the human workforce at the areas where it is currently defaulted.

Samsung is currently developing a ‘smart sensor’ capable of monitoring plasma uniformity during silicon wafer processing. These sensors will be implemented during different stages of the wafer production, including etching, chemical layer application, and subsequent cleaning. Previously, Korea’s semiconductor industry relied on foreign-produced sensors for these tasks. However, the new-generation sensor has been independently developed by Korean specialists and produced in South Korea. Their implementation in existing plants will be straightforward and won’t necessitate significant redesign of manufacturing spaces.

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