Samsung Releases Sequel to Controversial New iPad Pro Advertisement

In light of Apple’s controversial “Crush!” ad last week, which disillusioned many people, Samsung ceases the opportunity to respond. The disputed Apple ad featured sculptures, toys, arcade games, and musical instruments getting crushed by a hydraulic press, morphing into the new iPad Pro.

The message Apple attempted to convey through this advert was taken as thoughtless disrespect for various human achievements by many, including British actor Hugh Grant. This includes art, copyright, and much more that is currently being overtaken by generative artificial intelligence. Although widespread dissatisfaction wasn’t experienced, Apple did issue an apology.

Meanwhile, Samsung Mobile tweets its own video subtitled UnCrush. As per some sources, the video was filmed by advertising agency BBH USA, directed by Zen Pace. The video features a woman wandering amidst debris and spilled paint, reminiscent of Apple’s hydraulic press incident. She eventually settles down to play the guitar, flipping through scores on her Samsung Galaxy Tab S9.

The South Korean tech giant occasionally jests at Apple via its promotional materials. Samsung’s marketing department used to specialize in such tactics, testing their competitor’s patience, but such instances have decreased over time. Most recently, Apple was caught off guard due to their lack of support for modern instant messaging protocols, although this has since been announced.

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