Samsung to Launch Access to Petabyte Storage on SSD as a Subscription Service

Samsung Set to Launch Subscription-Based SSD Data Storage

In the current stage of artificial intelligence (AI) evolution, speed operational memory is more critical than rapid data storage. As such, the high demand for High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) chips hasn’t spurred noticeable market excitement for 3D NAND. However, Samsung is ready to expand its offerings and allow its clients access to substantial storage data on Solid-State Drives (SSD) via subscriptions.

According to Business Korea, the announcement will take place next week during the Nvidia GTC 2024 technology conference. Samsung’s intent to announce its partnership with Nvidia at the conference indicates the service is tailored for clients interested in developing their AI systems.

Details about the New Storage System and Subscription Service

First, at the GTC 2024 conference, Samsung Electronics plans to introduce a 1 petabyte storage capacity SSD system, equivalent to 1,000 terabytes. Second, Samsung intends to release a new subscription-based access service to these large-quantity storage systems for American clientele in the second quarter of this year. The new service is designed to cater to clients reluctant to spend large amounts upfront for high-speed, high-capacity data storage. The subscription allows for more flexible management of the service, catering to the changing needs of the customer and current market. All maintenance and service-related aspects of the data storage system would be undertaken by Samsung.

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