Sandisk announces sleek new line of flash based players

SanDisk Corporation introduced the SanDisk Sansa e100 series of small highly portable digital music players that use embedded flash memory to store many hours of digital music. For an enjoyable music listening experience, the new music players feature high fidelity sound, a sophisticated yet easy to use song navigation and sorting system and a unique design that continues SanDisk’s tradition of distinctive styling. The announcement was made at a SanDisk press conference at the annual Consumer Electronics Show

Initially available in 512 megabyte (MB) and 1 gigabyte (GB) capacities, the SanDisk Sansa players can store hundreds of songs and play up to 15 continuous hours on a single AAA battery. The new players feature an SD card slot to conveniently add more storage capacity, which can be significant since SanDisk and other companies have recently announced SD cards up to 2GB in capacity.

The new players are designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of popular music formats such as MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) in both unprotected and protected files (such as those WMA files purchased from music service provider sites).

“Our goal is to provide listeners with a deeply satisfying music-listening experience,” said Eric Bone, director of retail product marketing at SanDisk. “To do this, we designed the SanDisk Sansa line with many advanced features that include an easy to navigate interface, enhanced sound quality, and the ability to expand storage capacity. We also understand the personal fashion statement that these players make so we carefully crafted our industrial design with the individual listener in mind.”

The SanDisk Sansa music players include stereo headphones, carrying case with armband, USB 2.0 cable, AAA Battery and Install CD with value-added software. For added flexibility, they can be used as a USB storage device. Furthermore, the new industrial design was created with future accessory options in mind.

Additional features include: · · SD card slot for additional storage and convenient music transfer · · Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for fast music transfer speeds · · Support for MP3, WMA (both protected/DRM and unprotected) · · Up to 15 hours of continuous use with a single AAA battery · · Digital FM radio with 20-presets

· · Multi-line Indiglo Backlit LCD that displays album, artist and song title information

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