SanDisk SD 256MB and WiFi Card Review

Since the built-in memory is sufficient only for a the basic user user, almost every Pocket PC user gets, sooner or later, some sort of memory card. Unfortunately, most of the current Pocket PC devices offer just one expansion slot. If you use a memory card, the only slot available will be occupied and you won’t be able to add any extended functionality to the device unless you remove it. At least for me, switching two cards in one slot is very irritating. Not any more thanks to SanDisk.

The card we received and tested on an iPAQ h2215 offers several security solutions for data encryption including WEP, 802.1x, PSK, and WPA. It uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) wireless technology to provide maximum speed (11 Mbps) and maximum range (400 yards, 120 meters), however the real performance strongly depends on environment. The low-power device is designed to minimize battery drain, a key consideration iPAQ users. In addition, combining flash memory and Wi-Fi in one card also represents a cost savings to consumers because if the cards were bought separately they would cost considerably more.

Since we were able to get our hands on this nifty card before the general public we wanted to put the card through some creative processes. One area that I could’ve bet the house on was that it would not allow you to connect Wifi and also download directly to the card. Wrong! We connected to and were downloading content directly to the SD card while using the WiFi capabilities. I couldn’t imagine it would work but it really did! Another aspect we wanted to test was the actual distance of the WiFi card and were able to reach over 1,000ft!!!! Another test we were extremely pleased about. The WiFi capabilities hands down reached further than our own Acer TabletPC could obtain.

The SanDisk 256MB Secure Digital card had excellent write speeds in both the short and long term tests. For the read tests, the SanDisk also performed well for short term and long term tests. I have to admit that some individuals don’t care about the numbers, and whether it just works. I have put many files onto the SanDisk SD card without any problems at all. Performing operations such as moving, copying, reading, or writing small files to the card will only take a matter of seconds to complete even when connected via WiFi. When dealing with files as large as 10MB or more, expect to wait at least a minute.

In conclusion, the two most positive features of the Sandisk 256Secure Digital WiFi card is its price tag (129.00) and exceptional WiFi range. Top performance and no-bull warranty protection places this card pretty high on the podium. Since I have been using this in my h2215 with the 256MB of space and WiFi life is good and never have to worry not bringing files with me on the road and hitting my local Starbucks. If you are looking for disk space and WiFi this card answers all our needs. Great job SanDisk

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