Scott USA sues ScotteVest for trademark violations

Scott USA, the Ketchum-based sporting goods manufacturer, filed a federal lawsuit last week that alleges a local clothing producer has violated and diluted the company trademark by using a brand name that includes the word “Scott.”

Attorneys for Scott USA on June 15 filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in Boise against ScotteVest, a Ketchum-based company that specializes in producing outdoor clothing that stores electronic equipment, such as digital music players and cellular phones.

The lawsuit alleges that by operating under the ScotteVest name, company founder and CEO Scott Jordan violated federal trademark infringement laws and engaged in “unfair competition.”

Jordan established ScotteVest in 2001 in Chicago and moved the business to Ketchum in September 2003. ScotteVest sells its fleece jackets, shell jackets, sports jackets and other clothing items primarily through the Internet.

Scott USA was founded in Ketchum in 1958. The company is known best for its ski goggles and ski poles, but also sells outdoor-sports apparel and bicycles.

In addition to listing six categories of violations committed by ScotteVest, the lawsuit demands a permanent injunction against any use of the word “Scott” to promote or sell ScotteVest products. It also seeks an injunction against the use of Sun Valley as a location reference to promote the ScotteVest business.

Furthermore, the suit seeks “monetary damages in the amount of restitution of all revenues, profits and advantages received by the defendants as a result of their wrongful acts, and any lost profits (Scott USA) has sustained.”

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