Shhh…. Did Dave really take the plunge?

Ok.. You probably are wondering what this is all about right? Well maybe you could care less, but I had to spill the beans. Over the past 6 months I have been really getting frustrated with the lack of cell phone functionality. For example, I was a Nextel customer and owned the Blackberry 7510. This device was extremely expensive but I really liked the push email. That being said, I still missed my PocketPC applications and the pizzaz a PocketPC brings to the table. So I looked around for another phone and was intrigued about the Blackberry 7100t by TMobile. So I took the plunge two months ago. This had to be the worst decision of my life! TMobile service is the worst in the world! I am serious, buyer beware! Today….I finally found the device of my dreams……

The Verizon VX6600 also which is CDMA version of the XDA III/MDA III that comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 128MB of memory, a 400MHz processor, Bluetooth, and an SDIO expansion card slot, but no built-in 802.11b WiFi. Now heres the kicker, this phone supports Verizon’s National Broadband Network. Yes, you heard that correct, BROADBAND! In select markets, New Jersey being one you can reap the benefits of broadband speeds on your VX6600.. Just a comparison…

GSM GPRS (T-Mobile/Cingular) 40-80Kb

CDMA 1xRTT (Sprint) 80Kb-200Kb

CDMA EVDO (Verizon in 13 test Market areas only) 200Kb-500Kb BROADBAND

So as you can see this device is extremely powerful in more ways than one. So please dont be disappointed as you might see some more posts on this exciting Verizon Wireless phone. The phone will sell for $539.00 with a two year contract and the broadband data service is $44.95 per month… My unit should be in my hands tomorrow.