Silicon Power’s Golden High Endurance Memory Cards with Enhanced Reliability and Capacity Now Available for Purchase

Silicon Power has announced the launch of its Golden High Endurance microSDXC memory cards. These products boast superior reliability and a high rewrite capacity, specifically designed for prolonged, uninterrupted operations, primarily in surveillance systems.

The Silicon Power Golden High Endurance memory cards are specifically designed for 24/7 operation in professional and domestic surveillance cameras, automotive and wearable video recorders, to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted recording. Regular memory cards may not be well suited for such loads, since regular rewrites can severely wear out a flash drive. Silicon Power uses high-end 3D TLC NAND flash memory chips in these new products, which are highly durable and have a mean time to failure rated at 3 million hours.

Golden High Endurance memory card

The manufacturer declares that a 128 GB Golden High Endurance memory card has the capability to operate continuously for more than 24,500 hours, nearly equivalent to three years, in Full HD resolution, or for 13,200 hours, approximately 1.5 years, in 4K resolution, without any recording and storage failures. An auto-error correction feature (ECC) is also included.

Regular memory cards are generally not designed for operation in harsh conditions, under heat or high humidity. Golden High Endurance memory cards have been tested under severe conditions for their resilience to extreme temperatures, impact, water, and even X-ray radiation. Importantly, they come with a three-year warranty. This durability is not only beneficial for surveillance systems but also for action cameras, for instance.

Toughened memory card

Despite the high reliability, the manufacturer has also paid attention to speed performances. The maximum sequential read speed achieved is 97 MB/s and the sequential write speed reaches 83 MB/s. These specifications allow for 4K video recording, including at high frequencies. Furthermore, the Golden High Endurance memory cards also feature a random read speed of 1500 IOPS and a random write speed of 500 IOPS. The new products meet UHS-I, Class 10, V30, and A1 specifications.

Speedy memory card

The Silicon Power Golden High Endurance microSD memory card is shipped with a complementary SD adapter. It is currently available on the market for a price around 1800 rubles.

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