SilverStone unveils powerful 1.2 kg Hydrogon D140 ARGB cooler

SilverStone has unveiled a new heavyweight air cooler, the Hydrogon D140 ARGB (model SST-HYD140-ARGB), fitted with a dual-tower radiator, six heat-conducting tubes, and two fans with ARGB lighting.

The Hydrogon D140 ARGB is a large cooler, measuring 140 × 160 × 136 mm and weighing 1220 grams. Sandwiched between the radiators is a 140 mm fan operating at speeds ranging from 400 to 1750 RPM. The fan can generate an airflow of up to 93 CFM and static pressure level at 2.24 mm H2O, with a noise level not exceeding 30.8 dBA.

Hydrogon D140 ARGB Air Cooler

The cooler’s front fan is 120 mm and operates at speeds from 500 to 2200 RPM, creating an airflow of up to 83.68 CFM and static pressure up to 4.01 mm H2O. Its noise level does not exceed 35.5 dBA. Both fans are based on hydrodynamic bearings, come with rubber anti-vibration pads, and have a declared service life of 30,000 hours before failure.

Front View of Hydrogon D140 ARGB Cooler

The Hydrogon D140 ARGB supports several processor sockets, including LGA 2066/2011/1700/1200/115x and AMD Socket AM5 and AM4.

Installed Hydrogon D140 ARGB Cooler

Top View of Hydrogon D140 ARGB Cooler

No information regarding the price and availability of the Hydrogon D140 ARGB cooler has been released by the manufacturer yet.

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