Sony Releases Update for PlayStation 5: Improved DualSense, Adjustable Power Indicator Brightness, and More

Sony has rolled out a new software update for its PlayStation 5 gaming console. The update promises to enhance the performance of the DualSense controller’s speaker and microphone, introduce emoji reactions to Share Screen mode, and allow power indicator light brightness adjustment. Initially launched as a beta to participants in Sony’s testing program last month, the update is now being distributed worldwide.

DualSense Controller Enhancements

The new features primarily include the integration of additional speaker volume levels for the DualSense controller. In addition, the controller’s inbuilt microphone now boasts an improved noise-cancellation feature, made possible by the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies.

DualSense controller

Share Screen Reactions and Add-Ons

The Share Screen feature, utilized for watching friends’ gameplay, now allows users to leave reactions through emojis and various pointers. Streamers have the option of turning off emojis if they find them distracting. Later this month, Sony is slated to update their PlayStation mobile app, thereby enabling Android and iOS users to utilize these new Share Screen capabilities.

Adjusting the Power Indicator Brightness

As part of the update, PlayStation 5 users will now be able to adjust the brightness of the console’s power indicator. Users can pick between dim, medium, or bright light options, although complete deactivation will not be possible.

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