“Steam Launches ‘Let the Games Begin’ Festival Featuring Demo Versions of Hundreds of Future Hits, Including Metal Slug Tactics, The Alters, and Schim”

Significant online platform Valve has launched its “Steam Next Fest,” a festival that has been a massive tradition for demo versions of games geared toward future releases. Marked for a June 10th start on the digital distribution platform Steam, the event is designed to introduce gamers to hundreds of diverse game genres, ranging from roguelikes to actions and puzzle-platformers.

Valve presents the Fest as a “celebration of upcoming games”. By hosting game demos from both emerging and veteran industry contributors, the event is designed to increase engagement around new games via livestreams and developer discussion sessions.

To assist visitors in navigating the festival, Valve has curated game categories, streams schedules, and personalized recommendation list based on genre, core tags, subgenres or special characteristics.

Our team has put together a list of ten notable projects to look out for during the June “Steam Next Fest”:

Fumes supports the Russian language (Source: Steam)

It’s worth mentioning that some game demos released before the festival’s commencement, such as Hollywood Animal, Tiny Bookshop and Enotria: The Last Song are also counted as participants.

It’s important to bear in mind that in the case of previous Steam Next Fests, many (but not all) demos will only be available until the end of the main “Steam Next Fest” program, which is set to conclude on June 17 at 8 pm Moscow time.

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