T-Mobile hacked again and Paris Hilton is the target.

It looks like someone posted all of Paris Hilton’s Sidekick information on the web. I hope someone should buy Paris Hilton an iPAQ or a Microsoft Smartphone! She had her Sidekick hacked once already and now someone’s pulled the data and posted it all up online. I really think T-Mobile should be held liable if her password was hacked. We posted about this a few weeks ago which twenty-one year-old Nicolas Jacobsen was quietly charged with the intrusions last October, after a Secret Service informant helped investigators link him to sensitive agency documents that were circulating in underground IRC chat rooms.

This really hits a hotspot (no pun intended) with me! Since all the HP iPAQ’s are on the T-Mobile system are you concerned? Have you stored any senstive information on T-Mobile servers? If so I would pull it off immediately. I am not going to post the link to Paris Hilton’s phone book, photos or notepad since by posting this information you are just supporting intruding people’s privacy .. What are your thoughts? Agree or Disagree?

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