Tencent’s Android Apps Store is Coming to Windows

Tencent and Microsoft Collaborate to Provide Android Apps via Microsoft Store

Tencent, the Chinese gaming titan, and Microsoft have signed a deal enabling Android apps from Tencent’s store to be available on Microsoft Store. These apps can be seamlessly launched on computers running Windows.

According to a report by Microsoft China, Windows users will be able to install mobile apps onto their PCs. Lin Songtao, Tencent’s Vice President, expressed enthusiasm about the magnitude of the PC market. He further assured that his company would aid developers to ensure their product’s compatibility with Windows. An integrated account system will be established to eliminate the need for users to log in repeatedly.

Background and Scope

In 2022, Microsoft integrated the Amazon app store into Windows but later withdrew from the project and ceased support for the Android Subsystem component. Windows users then had access to over 50,000 mobile apps. The joint venture with Tencent will be smaller—approximately 1,500 apps will be available for installation upon launch.

Tencent’s Collaboration with Intel

It’s noted that Tencent has garnered support from Intel in developing an updated engine that will allow Windows-running Android mobile apps to utilise all of a PC’s hardware resources. In the context of 2024, this means enhanced features for artificial intelligence.

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