Thermalright Introduces Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK Tower Cooler with Dual Fans

Thermalright Expands Assassin Series with Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK Cooler in Black

The new model in the Assassin series by Thermalright is the Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK, an all-black tower cooler. This addition includes a single-tower radiator structure and dual fans, bringing enhanced cooling to the range.

The base of the cooler is copper, coated with nickel to prevent corrosion. The radiator comprises six 6mm diameter nickel-coated copper heat pipes. A decoration plate of matte aluminium is mounted on top of the cooling system.

Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK cooler

The Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK comes with two 120mm PWM-controlled fans. The fans support different functions: the Thermalright TL-C12B V2 is for hot air exhaust at the back, and the TL-C12RB V2 caters to air intake at the front.

Cooling fans of Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK

The construction of both fans includes hydrodynamic bearings. Both fans operate at a speed of up to 1500 RPM. The intake fan has a maximum airflow of 66.17 CFM, while the exhaust fan provides 58 CFM. Despite this, both maintain a static pressure of 1.58 mm H2O. The maximum noise level does not exceed 25.6 dBA.

Operational fans of Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK

The dimensions of the Burst Assassin 120 EVO DARK cooler, equipped with the two fans, measures 156 × 124 ×102 mm. The cooling system’s weight has not been disclosed by the manufacturer. Compatibility is provided with Intel LGA 1700/1200/115x and AMD Socket AM5/AM4 processors. No pricing details for the cooler have been released yet.

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