TikTok Plans to Launch Its Own Alternative to Instagram

In an effort to compete with TikTok in the realm of short videos, Instagram’s most utilized features remain photo posting in the feed and the Stories section, with contents accessible for 24 hours only. TikTok, in turn, is working on its own photo feed platform to rival Instagram.

Multiple references to a new app, TikTok Photos, were found in TikTok’s latest version as reported by TheSpAndroid blog. The application may be quite similar to Instagram featuring a photo feed for friends and family members to view. Some content from the main TikTok app can also be published here. One piece of code explained that the platform is for ‘likeminded others who enjoy photo posts’.

TikTok Photos’ release date remains unknown, nevertheless, its official announcement is expected soon. Instagram’s popular bloggers increasingly complain that the social network is intensifying its focus on video, losing sight of its original purpose as a photo-sharing platform. Although TikTok could potentially fill this niche, it may not be the best time to embark on such an initiative. U.S. lawmakers are preparing to vote on a bill that would compel ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to sell TikTok to avoid a U.S. ban.

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