Tim Cook Reiterates Promise to Reveal Details on Apple’s Artificial Intelligence Technologies This Year

At the most recent annual shareholders’ meeting, Apple’s management team addressed the firm’s activities in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) development. Tim Cook, the CEO, promised for the second time in a month to share details this year about initiatives that “will lay the groundwork for generative artificial intelligence” and “redefine the future.”

Apple’s Vision for AI

Speaking before the shareholders, Cook highlighted that the company sees an “incredible breakthrough potential in generative artificial intelligence,” investing significant resources into this area. “We believe it will offer users immense possibilities of transformation in terms of maximizing work productivity and solving various problems,” mentioned Cook. He added that many Apple devices already utilise AI technologies.

For example, Apple’s AR headset Vision Pro tracks the user’s hand movements using AI. Similarly, Apple Watch tracks heart rate and predicts the workout mode. Apple’s smartphones can also assist users in summoning an ambulance if they detect an accident. Even the M-series processors in Apple computers have advanced AI functionalities, according to Cook, who stated, “Every Mac based on Apple’s processor is an extremely powerful AI-supporting computer. Indeed, there is no better computer for AI on the market.

Details on AI Use – Kept Confidential

Several proposals made by shareholders at the meeting included the regular release of information concerning Apple’s use of AI technologies. This suggestion was blocked by Apple at the meeting. The AFL-CIO Equity Index Fund activists were concerned that training large language models using art, literature, and music could infringe intellectual property rights. The company rejected such a proposal, citing potential threats to business due to the disclosure of sensitive information that needs to be protected from competitors.

Changes in the Board

At the shareholders’ meeting, Apple also approved the candidacy of Wanda Austin, former CEO of Aerospace, who will join the Apple board of directors following the resignation of Albert Gore and James Bell.

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