Ultrasonic Cooler AirJet Made Slimmer and Lighter, Plus Added with Self-Cleaning Function and Temperature Sensor

Frore Systems Unveils Thinner, More Intelligent Ultrasonic Cooler AirJet Mini Slim at CES 2024

Frore Systems has debuted an updated version of its compact ultrasonic cooler, the AirJet Mini, at CES 2024. The new AirJet Mini Slim model retains the performance of its predecessor but introduces added thickness reduction, lighter weight, and integrated self-cleaning from dust while also monitoring temperature levels.

AirJet coolers by Frore Systems contain membranes that generate a sucking force when vibrated at ultrasonic frequency. This draws air through a dust filter and directs it at high speed to a copper heat sink before venting to the side. The pressure is ten times higher than a fan at 1750 Pa. The original version was introduced as airJet Mini, but it has seen several iterations.

Inside view of AirJet Mini by Frore Systems

Like its predecessor, the new iteration, AirJet Mini Slim can dissipate up to 5.25W of thermal energy (at a heat source temperature of 85° and an ambient temperature of 25° Celsius). It maintains the original model’s dimensions, 27.5 x 41.5mm, but has reduced thickness (from 2.8mm to 2.5mm) and weight (from 9g to 8g).

Ultrasonic cooler AirJet Mini's slimmer design

The AirJet Mini Slim’s significant upgrade is an integrated self-cleaning system that creates a reverse air stream, removing any dust accumulated in the cooler filters. This system allows the cooler to maintain its cooling efficiency for the installed component continually. Frore Systems noted that this feature could also be implemented in the original AirJet Mini model. In other words, this self-cleaning functionality in the AirJet Mini Slim is presumably software-enabled.

AirJet Mini Slim's integrated self-cleaning system

A Thermoception sensor has also been added to the AirJet Mini Slim, which monitors temperature readings and adjusts the cooling efficiency as needed. This feature is particularly beneficial for cooling devices that lack their temperature sensors, such as SSD controllers and memory chips.

All of the enhancements to the AirJet Mini Slim aim to broaden the potential application range of such solid-state coolers and make them more adaptable to customer needs.

“Reducing the thickness of the AirJet Mini Slim by 0.3mm can prove extremely valuable for thin devices requiring efficient component cooling. The AirJet Mini Slim can significantly enhance the cooling efficiency of components in devices like passively cooled laptops, tablets, and smartphones,” commented Seshu Madhavapeddy, Founder and CEO of Frore Systems.

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