“V Rising” Vampire Survival Game to Rise from Early Access in Two Months: Release Date and Stylish Trailer Featuring Dracula Announced

Stunlock Studios, the Swedish game developer behind Battlerite, has announced that its vampire action MMO game V Rising, is leaving ‘Early Access’ on 8th May 2024. This news was revealed to game enthusiasts through the gaming portal, IGN.

Having entered Steam’s Early Access in May 2022, V Rising had experienced a number of updates, including several larger ones. The game’s selling version 1.0 release was expected between mid-April and the end of May 2024.

The released version of V Rising will initially be available exclusively for PC via Steam on May 8, with plans to reach PS5 by the end of the year. The announcement was complemented by a new cinematic trailer featuring Dracula.

Developers have promised that the complete 1.0 version of V Rising will feature revamped endgame content, new types of weapons and rarity gear, and an additional location with its faction and bosses. Enhanced options for clothing customization are also on the card.

Furthermore, the released version of V Rising will bring about improved game engine improvements (based on an experimental version of Unity), which should contribute to smoother gameplay and optimization.

Players eagerly anticipate the 1.0 version

Players in V Rising play the role of newly awakened vampires who are required to fight, hunt humans, rebuild their castle and avoid sunlight.

Despite its early access status, V Rising has already seen considerable success: in less than three months from its launch, the game had sold over 2.5 million copies, and by January 2023, this figure had surpassed 3 million.

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